Specks On A Dusty Road – Part Seven

“HORSELEY FIELDS ” - a bagful of Nostalgia.     Today as I  wait for my bus at Pipers Row,  Bus Station, I gaze through the glass windows across the ring-road at  St Davids Court and the “Novotel”, and my thoughts instantly return to a time when life around there  was so different. My mind  conjures up lost images of  St James’s Square,  Walsall Street schools and the…


Specks On A Dusty Road – Part Six

  Billposters were a feature in Wolverhampton in my youth, they fronted almost any bits of waste ground,  adorned many gable ends and they appeared in the most unlikely places. This one in particular was in St Georges Parade which was incidentally the address of The Wolverhampton Billposting Company. Now even today when I recall these  Billposters, my mind goes immediately  back…


Specks On A Dusty Road – Part Four

Continuing with Worralls and introducing the Stevens – it is now 1894 Introduction – In 1894 John Henry Stevens had travelled from his home In Tipton Staffordshire, to  work in Wolverhampton, as there were still many jobs to be found on the numerous canal wharves around Horseley fields and he  gained  employment  at Pickfords , hauliers off Walsall Street, then…