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Hi Dan,

Nice to see a corner of Wolverhampton not spoilt by progess. The Royal London Buildings named after the Insurance Company.

I am sure their are still many older Wulfrunians who can recall the clubman from the Royal London calling on their parents, to collect the weekly subscription on the penny polices they held.

I remember our Clubman , Mr Stanley whose claim to fame was that he had sold my grand parents a policy for my mother in 1910, one for me in 1937, and one for my son John in 1961, how’s that for service dedication.

The following  photo is the exact replica of the site of the London Buildings taken as you did with your back to the Varsity, (“George Hotel”) probably taken around 1890, before the site was cleared The Public House on the right,was the ‘Coopers Arms’.
I am sure there is someone out there who will recall the famous Tea Company that later came on that spot.

Coopers arms

Below the old cellar head.