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Hi Bob,

I see you’ve met my alter-ego for testing purposes above 😉


Basically, on the old forum a LOT of space on the website was taken up by pictures of what people were posting. Too much unfortunately, as some forum members were uploading huge pictures, not literally huge, as in the dimensions, but filesize huge.

Really as a website host, you don’t want images to have a big filesize as it takes up more space on the server (where we host the website), and it takes longer for a web browser (chrome, firefox, etc) to download the images from the server and display them so that, you the viewer can see them on your computer or laptop.

Ideally, you want images to be less than 100Kb in size (what’s a kilobyte? Click me to read up).

On the old forum people were uploading some images that were over 2 or 3MB in size (what’s a Megabyte? – Click here to find out the exciting facts!).

Which is frankly crazy big for what is needed. As a result, the forum was massive and was really slow.


On the new forum we’ve decided that we aren’t going to allow people to upload images to the site.

But don’t worry you will still be able to link images into the forum from other sources, such as Flickr.

I know you think it’s complex, but it really isn’t. If Billy can do it, you will have no problem, trust me!

I’m planning to do a series of video tutorials to walk people through how to link to images from flickr, or videos from youtube, and other basic forum and site functionality.

I’ve just started recording one to show members how to upload an avatar so they can use it on the forum, and more will follow suit ASAP.