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Hallo Bill,
No, I’m not on my travels. Wish I were. I’m stranded here in the Temple of Obesity, of Builders Backsides and Distressed Denim. Otherwise known as Kidderminster, though I am referring to the weaker sex in my comment. Sorry to hear about Bob but he seems to have had superlative service, they don’t seem have hung about with his treatment. I’m sure we all hope things keep moving in the right direction. Talking of Heart Attacks, what’s happened to the Wild Colonial Boy, the one who promised us a drink when next back in the Motherland. Great place New Cross, I was born there back in 1940. Trying for a Blue Plaque but not hopeful. One of the best things said about me was from my Doctor, who remarked “I like to see you here. I know there’ll be something wrong with you.” I’m afraid that was a few years ago, I now have a season ticket and on first name terms with the receptionist. One reason for my lack of contributions is very rarely coming to Wolverhampton there is little to jog my memory, to say I must make a comment about this or that on the Forum, although I play Golf with a lady who was assistant Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages for many years and spent her school days at Wolverhampton Girls Grammar in Tettenhall. I have a small story on the go which requires some photographs to accompany it. Alas Daniels attempt to get me onto Flickr have been in vain. Daniel, 23 minutes is not a short video, when you’ve passed your three score years and ten anything extra is a bonus not to be spent on instructional videos. Give me a few days and I’ll regale you with a story from Springfields in the 40’s.