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Basically Bob the old method involves uploading pics to our website hosting, and pics are (relatively) big – file-size wise, and every-time someone views a pic on the site it uses up some of our website bandwidth. Our bandwidth is finite and basically is what you pay for to host the website, so it costs us money basically to have the uploading ability.

We don’t earn any money from the site, we do have the sponsor us button which I think about 3 people have donated to us in the past. And yes we have links to our sponsors, but truthfully, I think Billy has received a small payment from two of these (about enough to run the site for 4 months in it’s current state – so no great treasure I assure you! ), the rest are just links to other sites I have produced.

Basically it costs a lot more to have the pictures uploaded to us. If you have specific problems regarding uploading pictures via Flickr and any other picture hosting sites, I’d be happy to try to help. I have made a couple of how to videos on how to do it also, so please take a look at those first. Here’s the link…

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