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Some memories there George! Mention of Billy Wilson brought back memories of his place in Bilston St where, to drum up more trade, he employed a young lady who would cut your hair topless! (She was topless, not your hair!) Some time later he moved to a place next to the Connaught Hotel on Tettenhall Road. His son Mitch, and daughter Tracey, both went into hair dressing and worked with him. Mitch was employed by no less than Duran Duran as their personal hair stylist. Tracey went one better and married one of them!

Being a” baby boomer”, my teenage years were the 60s and 70s. This was a time when some of us found that visiting a hairdresser was quite unnecessary. The locks got longer, the parent’s tempers shorter! Many a time I was threatened with an unscheduled haircut as I slept. Thankfully, the threat was never carried out, and the hair was allowed to flourish (for the time that I had it anyway!). These days, as George mentions, furniture polish would be more appropriate that any of the wonder products marketed by the hair trade. I still have the photos to look at wistfully, but I don’t miss the wolf-whistles – I can’t run very fast these days!