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Nice one Tony I like yourself have followed Billy W’s career over the years.

An interesting post from George and I am sure being a little older and having spent more years in Lost Wolverhampton than him,  I can be forgiven for helping him out on the  few locations he mentioned.

Although Parry’s Hardware has long gone from opposite the “Criterion” in (Lichfield) Street the Hairdressers in the mid 60’s known as the “Sportsman” is still functioning, maybe now with a different name.

I seem to recall a quality Hairstylist called Alan working amongst 5 others for Maison Haselocks opposite the Art gallery during the 1960’s, could he be the chappie George refers to as moving to Rothmans Tobacconist, next door to the Cafe Royal moving later  to School Street.

The School street hairdressers was opened in the early 1960’s by Albert Williams above his newly opened Tailors shop. I believe our old freind Billy W, sharpened his scissors there for awhile. at the start.

Below the old cellar head.