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OK. Time for my two pennies worth. Which even in the bad old days would get you a piece of liquorice wood and bag of a Kali.
The Paget Arms, Park Lane. After looking at the list of defunct Wolverhampton Pubs it seems to be the only Pub with a Heraldic Pub Sign that is related to another local family. I don’t count the Masons Arms in Water Street as I take this to be the old Square and Compass which relates to the Order of Freemasonry. The Dartmouth Arms as you point out Bill, relates to the Earl of Dartmouth, whose local family seat was Patshull Hall. The Paget Arms refers to the Marquess of Anglesey who, as the original Sir William Paget was summoned to Parliament in 1553 as Lord Paget de Beaudesert. This was one of the family homes and is quite close to Cannock Chase. The First Marquess of Anglesey, Henry Paget, gained fame at the Battle of Waterloo where The Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon Blownapart. Sorry Bill, I couldn’t resist that one. The connections a bit nebulous but the best I can come up with this time of night.