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St Mary's Terrace 1871

This is a small peice of a map from 1871, of St Mary’s Ward, showing the terrace behind St Marys Church and Schools You will notice the area between Herbert Street and Little Lane is densley populated then this will all be cleared in the late 1920’s.

I have printed The Terrace in Colour June along with N0.3  your house.

As I recall in the mid 1950’s the Tanadynka’s lived at No.2 Rose Tanadynka’s mother, Mrs Hayward kept the Lodging house on the corner of Herbert Street at that time.

The Eagles who I believe may have been related to them lived a couple of doors away, they  left to live in St Annes Road around 1951.

By the way June did you ever tell me your maiden name Because it would be a great coincidence as George Maiden lived at N0. 3 in 1956.

Please keep in touch June.

Below the old cellar head.