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In 1958 after finishing my Army service  I Got the urge as most do to learn to drive . This I did with the help of my boss in the Wholesale Market in Wolverhampton who allowed me to place L Plates on our three ton Bedford, and with an accompanying driver, deliver goods to local tradesmen.

I think it was my second outing when on our way to pick up a load of pre-packed potatoes I ran over a dog that had run under the back wheels We were opposite the police Station at Tern Hill at the time and I will never forget carrying the dead animal into the station that day.

Then as you did I bought my own vehicle a second hand A.38 Pick-up which I drove myself without L Plates before taking and passing my test.

If you look on the second picture of the three (Questions and Answers) regarding Wulfruna Street. You will see the Lorry in question behind the pick-up.

More about the A.38 soon.

Below the old cellar head.