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Dear Billy
I have just seen this article and cannot believe that house has been demolished. I was only thinking about it the other day and thought it would have been saved as it had been built so long ago. How sad to see it is no longer there. Wonder who lived in it over the years. What date is the map that you produced for the article. I do hove an old map of the area but it’s not as old as that one.
My aunt used to visit that building in the mid 70’s for radiotherapy on her breast being treated for cancer. I remember maybe mid to late ’60’s lots of work going on in the grounds the whole of Gordon St was lit up through the night I think it may have been to put in all the equipment for the radiotherapy department.
Sad another building with history gone. Some people unless they lived in the area would never have known it was there.

Best wishes.


Ps I shall give your site a bit of a plug on the Facebook page of Wolverhampton Family History Group