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A Little chapter to get this thread going
The map of Wolverhampton, drawn by Isaac Taylor in 1750, shows little development of the south and west of the town which at that time was entirely agricultural. 
The next century though proved to be a growth period for Wolverhampton and the towns of the area which was to become known as the Black Country.
All the expansion took place to the east of Wolverhampton. Factories, workshops and terraces of workers’ houses are shown on the maps of 1840s.

But on the western side of the town things apparently changed but little! However the census of 1851 shows that in fact the tenancy of the larger farm houses was now in the hands of professional and business men, working in the town but living in some style surrounded by countryside. and here is situated the large General Jeffcock Road and Merridale Road
Regarding Bantock House It is not certain who built the House, but the first owners were the Petit family.
The Petit’s were originally French Huguenots, who also owned Ettingshall Park and Old Merridale Farm which was situated about half a mile closer to the Town at the corner of Merridale Road and Merridale Lane.

Although the ownership of the house passed through the Petit family for over a hundred years they never actually lived there but leased out the property.

Below the old cellar head.