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It was a Hayward George but not “Sir Jack” in this case it was his Father. seen in the above photograph.
Mr Charles Hayward with millionaire industrialist John Sangster at the wheel of an Ariel car. “The Ariel was my baby”, he said. Although the body was built by Mr Hayward a sidecar manufacturer in the 1920′s.

The church in the centre of John’s Square originally had Georgian houses all around it. Charles Hayward was a choirboy at the church in the early 1900′s and started in business in the area with a small cycle shop.
He later became chairman of the Firth Cleveland Group.He was very generous to his native town and financed many schemes including most of the cost of replacing most of the stonework of St John’s Church.

His son Jack (later Sir Jack) Hayward carry’s on with his good works the Molineux Stadium for example.

Below the old cellar head.