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“A Trunk Calling” came as a complete surprise and as my attention was drawn to it while I was trying to complete a Loooooooong essay regarding your Sunbeam photograph at the time. The coincidence, if you believe in such things, was complete.

In recent weeks my 97 young cousin Doug Lewis( his grandfather and my grandfather were John Lewis’s brother) with the aid of his daughter and son has completed his family history as he came to the US with his father when he was four years of age. His mother was expecting a baby at the time so couldn’t come with them.  I will contact him and send him details of how to have a look at “A Trunk Calling” on Lost Wolverhampton rather than copy it and send him a copy.          I have a copy of his family history but I will ask if I can send you copies of photographs included  of the steel trunks that emigrated with Doug’s parents.

Thank you.     John