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Hallo Bill,

Conrad Veidt. It was on the tip of my tongue. Was it Hell. I’d have bet your life on it being Boris Karloff. I did find the film, which earned threeOscars, but could not find your shot of him. I did find one shot of him in a turban but it bore no resemblance to yours. Going back to it, I now find it was from a film he made about 30 years earlier called the The Indian Tomb. I also found a shot of Raymond Massey in a turban that bore more than a passing resemblance. So I was well out of it. You will know but maybe not Tony that Conrad Veidt was in Casablanca. Going from the sublime to the ridiculous I found a cigarette advert with a picture of Veidt and the caption “If Conrad Veidt offered you a cigarette it would be a DeReske”