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Hallo Bill,
I thought you were going to talk about the old Wholesale Market. I dunno about rats as big as dogs but I’m sure you remember the little Banana Rooms which used to be behind the main market building. The banana rooms were little cell like rooms where the green bananas were hung to ripen before they were broken into “hands” and packed into the wooden Banana boxes which were lined with straw. The banana boxes were stacked in a corner of the yard until needed. There could be a 100 plus boxes stacked, each a nice quiet warm and cosy, dark residence suitable for the resident colony of rats who had a reliable source of their five a day a short walk across the yard. A tower block of rats. Every so often someone would decide that the crates needed moving, probably to the opposite corner of the yard and we would start by lifting the crates onto our shoulders. Then a rat would make a break for it, then another and another. Blokes shouting, kicking out, rats scuttling in all directions. Pure mayhem. If a rat headed towards you it would be a toss up who was the more frightened, you or the rat. After half an hour the banana boxes would have been moved and we could get back to whatever we had been doing and the rats could get back to the quiet well fed family life they enjoyed. Nowadays we would probably have more Health and Safety officers in attendance than rats.