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Yes George. I remember Thomas Dickenson’s, later Francis Nicholls Banana Rooms in the yard at the rear of the Old Wholesale Market in Wulfruna Street.
Ours were down in Railway Drive where I spent many an unhappy, hour unloading the trucks of unripened bananas.

Yes and over the years i recall the market residents being plagued by Rats, Mice, Pidgeons and the occasional big spiders.

It takes me back to my youth when as a 15year old working for H.Goodall,in the said,market.

I remember being first in the queue waiting outside the Market Cafe (then on the ground floor at the bottom of the market next door to Sam Hyde) For Fanny ?. to open up at 6.00am, to collect a jug of tea.

Following her in to the cafe, I couldn’t help noticing the mice turds and the patterns their little feet had made in the fat contained in the huge frying pan on the Gas Stove.

Consequently from then on Bacon Sandwiches were a no go for me from there!.Fanny Cafe

I have had this photograph many years It shows, If I remember right Fanny standing in front of the Cafe in the Wholesale Market, offering a bag of goodies to Mrs Warrender Whom I believed worked on one of the fish stalls in the retail market at that time.

Below the old cellar head.