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George Nabbs posted this the full story is on the Howl “Little things mean a lot”
February 9, 2011 at 12:55 pm (edit)
Hallo Billy
I too lived in Whitmore Reans between 1946 and 1951 at 345 New Hampton Road West, behind a Television Shop, Smiths ?? and next to Shacklocks Garage. A few doors away was a second hand furniture shop and the Co-op a few doors away from that. Just opposite was the gates to The Wolverhampton Steam Laundry.
Yes I remember the Rex, it wasn’t a Cinema it was a picture house. I think it was on Tuesday and Wednesdays they had the Superman Serial and when an A Cerficate film was showing you had to (a) talk your sister into taking you. (b) ask a stranger to take you in if you gave him your admission money. Wouldn’t happen today. Next to the Rex was Ladies Hairdressers and opposite a good Fish and Chip Shop.
I attended St. Andrews Elementary School which was opposite one of the Courtaulds entrances and on a trip back to Wolverhampton last year I visited the schools I had attended. St. Stevens, Springfields by Butlers Brewery, still standing. God didn’t it seem big when you were five year old. Then St Andrews still standing but in a sad condition and St Peters in the town centre. The big boys school. I remember there were still grave stones in the playground and it was a new boys rite of passage to be beaten over the gravestones by your elders and betters on your first day. Bullying, of course we were bullied.
School holidays in the summer were spent, if at home roaming the West Park. Kingsland Road led to the park off Leicester
Square and was considered a bit posh. There used to be a Milk Bar on the corner. We used to go exploring which consisted of using the canal towpaths. We would walk to Compton and they had some pre-Fabs in Henwood Road. They were a dream. There used to be a Railway Bridge over the canal, still standing, and for any kid with an imagination this was heaven you didn’t need swings and chutes. We used to head the other direction to the Race Course and Aldersley getting home towards dusk with out a care in the world, unless you had ripped your trousers then God help you when you got in.
Thank you for giving me an outlet for my memories Billy, I can’t say I remember you but we must be of the same age, I was in born in 1940 and had five homes in 15 years. I worked for Francis Nicholls in the Wholesale Market for a couple of years and spent most of my teenage life in the Flesh Pots of Wolverhampton. There must be more I can write.


George Nabbs

Below the old cellar head.