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The bus wasn’t going anywhere, it was a publicity shot taken outside Cleveland Road Depot. 182 was a Guy FC with a 35-seater Guy built body.
These buses were envisaged for use on longer country runs, such as the [No17] Wolverhampton-Bridgnorth service, hence the roof mounted luggage rack.
The vehicle had a relatively short life with WCT, first being licenced for service on 17/6/1929, but was delicensed and withdrawn from traffic on 28/2/1938.
The bus was sold to G C Cooke, a London based vehicle dealer on 6/3/1938. No further information is known about its subsequent use.

Re the side destination, Wheaton Aston was displayed for this picture, but the Wheaton Aston (via Brewood & Lapley) service was actually the 22 service.

The No5 was the Willenhall service, a short working of the Walsall 5B route. After the war, some of the Corporation’s service numbers changed, but the 22 and 5 remained unaltered.

Claire Pendrous

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