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I love these pictures showing the wonderful evocative billposters of the day ,The theatre Programmes, household products of the day etc… some of these were works of art.
This photo can be accurately dated by The film showing at the Odeon in Skinner Street that week, was “The Conqueror” a crap film to say the least starring John Wayne as Ghengis Khan. released in 1955 (Which incidently was the year I went in to the Army) Thank God I missed it.

The car enthusiasts will tell us the types of vehicle being used then by the Taxi Drivers, fronting the hoadings.

Some will mention the location and the spot below the hoardings which proved most convenient for us lads going backwards and forwards to St Josephs School, Steel House Lane
Someone will mention the possible destination of the trolley bus seen in the background
But all I want to know the destination of the people at the bus shelter on the left.

Below the old cellar head.