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Yes, Bill.
I can remember Tommy Butler’s office and the Antique Shop but the memory that sticks in my mind is when I was 12 years old, and a pupil at St. Peter’s Boys School. It was a lunch or as we said dinner hour and I and and a mate were standing with our backs to the the Antique Dealers window when I noticed something in the road. Running across I picked up 24 one pound notes, remember this was 1952, a veritable fortune. Being the good lad I was I went back to school and handed the money over to my form teacher. The next morning at 9-00 assembly the Head Master called out my name and I was told to stand on the front of the stage, in view of the whole school and the Head told the story. I never found out who had lost the money, perhaps some lucky punter of Tommy Butler’s but I never received any reward. Ever since I have never seen any wisdom in the saying “Honesty is it’s own reward.”