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Hi Billy,

A bit of a tricky one , Billy. There were two bus stops in close proximity, both outside the old Co-op department store. The one with the shelter was for the Thompson Avenue route. I cannot remember the number of the route but the terminus was on a triangle just before the start of the Birmingham New Road on Parkfield Road, The stop in front was for the no, 30 which went to Rough Hills. Wolverhampton Corporation played about with the route on a regular basis. Initially it stopped at Hardy Square and later they moved the terminus to the top of Rough Hills Road. By the time I left the area in 1968, the No 30 started in Queens Street by the old Army Information office.

It would have been the no.30 that you caught to St Joeys, travelling down Pipers Row, Bilston Street before going down Steelhouse Lane and stopping by the Summer House pub for the school.