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Hi Billy,

My mistake – I’m getting my decades mixed up. The No 30 route which would have dropped you off outside St.Joey’s on Steelhouse Lane did not start up until the mid 50s after the Rough Hills Estate was completed. For a year or so before then my parents used the Thompson Avenue route and got off at the Black Horse or they took a Bilston bus which stopped on Bilston Road by Steelway and the New Inn at the bottom of Dixon Street.

Opposite the two bus stops in Lichfield Street were the Victoria Hotel and Grand Theatre. Waiting for the bus to arrive, we often spotted TV ‘stars’ who were taking part in the Christmas pantomime or plays at the theatre. The hotel had a good reputation in those days and I remember the Spanish flag flying outside when Barcelona played Wolves in a European competition around 1960. The team were staying there – we hung around for autographs without success.

Always good to spot a link to the Thompson Avenue area on your site.