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I knew Art Street and the College. It was  1956/7 I was working at the Express and Star as an aprentice compositor on a day release course at the  main College. Part of the course was a six month period on bookbinding, don’t ask me what this had to do with Newspaper production, but it was part of the course. I enjoyed it and we actually got round to binding a couple of books. Half bound in leather with marbled edges and gold blocked titles. Wish I still had them.

Why I’m writing though is I’m just reading a book, Pompeii, by Robert Harris, who also wrote Fatherland, Enigma and Archangel. With a title of Pompeii it’s a pretty safe bet that the contents are about the fate of that ancient city and the destruction of the the many Greek and Roman temples. Looking at your last couple of pictures, Wolverhampton Council haven’t done too badly in the destruction and razing of classical architecture, and all in the name of progress.