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Thank you George for your welcome note, and thank you too Billy for the photo.
I seem to recall my cycle was signed by Ian Steele who I think was a competition rider for Viking.So far as the fleshpots of the town were concerned,initially we frequented the “Milano” coffee bar, situated in a cellar down Darlington street,later, when we had become motor cycle owners it was the Queens ballroom, and later on, rocking and rolling to the sound Of the Tommy Burton Combo down at the Scala.I started school at, I think, Red Cross school, afterwards, my Father opened a garage in Wednesfield. After school, I gained an apprenticeship with Charles Clarke garage in their service dept. in St. Marks Road Chapel Ash, later moving to Attwoods garage just down the road.
We now live in rural Worcestershire but it`s good remember the town as it was.