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Well,this is the “hat trick”,my first bike was from Viking cycles as well! After my granddad died in 54, nan said Ill buy you both a bike as a last present from granddad. Mine was same colours as the Wolves, gold frame and black mudguards,sisters was blue. Just the job for an avid train spotter like me (and every other kid in Fordhouses) Many a time it saw 3 up as we went off on a mission somewhere.
Later on the Tropicano/Rollerdrome/Star Aluminium club/Queens/Pubs/Girls/Motorbikes/cars,all the things of growing up in the 50s/60s.
All harmless fun(well most of it). By the way Bill,any photos of Fordhouses in your seemingly bottomless stash? Love to seeem if you have. Got a book called “Peaches Lions & Heroes” with one picture of the shops at the Vine bus terminus,tis the only one Ive come across. Yours Malc.(aka Miff)