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John Lloyd posted

Well Done BILLY HOWE I like Dave was Baffled what that building was ! I’ve been scanning through all the different sites , but to no avail
The OldExchange Hall , any Idea what it was used for Billy ? Cheers mate .

Billy Howe posted

John to answer your querie regarding the Ironmasters’ Exchange as it was known.
The Exchange stood at the end of Exchange Street (which may have been cut through to provide access to it), immediately in front of the west front of St. Peter’s, where the gardens, war memorial and statute of Lady Wulfruna now stand.

Nobody has a good word to say for this building. John Roper, in “Wolverhampton as it Was”, Vol. 1., calls it a “Victorian white elephant.

Originally intended simply as a Corn Exchange for the use of farmers and millers” , and at least in part, for the ironmasters to conduct their business in. but the ironmasters certainly didn’t like it.

Dickens was not the only performer who used the building. Many visiting artists did so and many plays and concerts were put on.

Probably the owners in later years were letting it out for whatever use they could find.
Anyway, nobody seems to have objected to its demolition and its disappearance certainly opened up the front of St Peters Church and Gardens.

Below the old cellar head.