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Hallo Bill,

As a passionate smoker until I gave up at the age of 65, something I always meant to do  but didn’t , well not until I had the stroke. I remember there were two Temples to the noble weed. One was the House of Bewlay in Queens Square, corner of Dudley Street. The other was a more modest affair in Princess Street , next but one to the Cafe Royal but with a doorway into the offices of, I think, the Liverpool and London Insurance Company, which were above the shops. What really sticks in my memory is the lettering above the window. There was a Gents Hairdressers behind the Tobbaconists which I used. I can’t remember the name of the Tobacconists. Bill, check your Red Pages, was it Preedies?  Can we blow up the photograph to enlarge the name plate on the side of the building. Is it it still a Tobbaconists ? I think it’s still a shop. I can’t think why the Police should prohibit queueing. I can’t remember Tobbaco ever being  rationed. Have a look next time you catch the Bridgnorth bus, Bill.