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Rothmans Queue

In case you are in any doubts now of this post war location here it is.

Looking across from Barclays Bank and St Peter’s Gardens at the The Cafe Royal and Prudential Building .
Notice the lamp on the left above a the doorway which led to a Bohemenian type“ cellar bar” accessed down the flight of steps at the side entrance seen here in Lichfield street.

This queue outside though pictured in the late 1940’s wasn’t for the Beer cellar though it was a queue which on many occasions stretched around the corner as far as the Queen’s Cinema, for cigarettes and tobacco from Rothmans Tobacconists next door.

Cigarettes and tobacco were not rationed at that time but were always in short supply and you would frquentley see queue’s such as this around the town, when a tobacconists received their allocation.

Below the old cellar head.