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Chalet Tettenhall

Childhood Memories

The names Sunbeam and Guy,. – What fantastic images they conjure up for any old Wulfrunian over 50.
By the early 1930’s orders for Trolley vehicles was split between Guy and Sunbeam.

One of those vehicles, No. 92 is seen here alongside the chalet at its Tettenhall Terminus. This was a Sunbeam MS2 with a Weymann 59-seat body.

Who nowadays doesn’t regret the passing of this old fashioned form of transport and who doesn’t have a story to tell of their own trolley-bus trips.

It may have been on one such as above The No.1 service to Tettenhall Rock and a summer visit to the paddling pool.

Whatever the circumstance lets hear from you and perhaps we can find a picture to suit.

Below the old cellar head.