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Old barrell

The “Old Barrell” Inn was timber -framed house, where as far back as the sixteenth century, stood on the corner of Bell Street, and Victoria Street.

At this moment in time,in the 1880’s on a spot very near to the town brook at Boblake
Its a strong possibility that this open stream of running water, which came from Snow hill, and crossed the road here at Boblake, saved the “Old Barrel” from the disastrous fire, that destroyed 104 houses and businesses around Salop or Barn Street, in the Spring of 1590.

Just to get any feeling of the longevity of the “Old barrel Inn”. and the changes to circumstances it was witness too.

You must visualise this old Inn as the popular alehouse it was in Boblake at the time of Sir Francis Drake and the Armada, and yet still providing mild and bitter, (albeit in a different guise) at this same spot on the corner of Bell street and Victoria street, at the time of the Suez crisis in 1956.

Below the old cellar head.