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Today I received an enquiry from a special member,Sheila P

Hi Billy
I am sure you will know, when did the old market finish next to St Peters and the move to the new site in School Street / Market Square?
Best wishes


The new retail market pictured here in 1961, shortly after it was opened by Lord Morrison of Lambeth.

The Wolverhampton Chronicle termed the new market as a half a million pound gamble; the modern facility had cost around £508,000 .

Wolverhampton punters described it as to flashy for the town but eventually it came to be accepted as part of Wolverhampton’s shopping area.

The outdoor stalls with their brightly striped awnings fell short of modern standards however and seven years later. the market was moved temporarily across on to Bennetts Fold car-park whilst permanent concrete stalls were constructed.

It had been hoped that the site of the old Retail Market and patch would be retained as an open space, but after being used for a car parking space for a few years. The Civic Centre was constructed and opened there in the late 1970’s.

Below the old cellar head.