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Hi Mark perhaps these few facts from my slideshow “The Early Wolves” may help you here.


As you can imagine the area around Goldthorn Hill would have been mostly farmland at the time the Wolves came to be St Lukes Church and schools weren’t built until 1861.
At around this time John original Wolves team player came with his family to “Lodge Farm” Goldthorn Hill.

The Wolves then known as St Lukes was formed in 1876, and first field the club used was owned by Mrs Baynton situated opposite Stroud’s Niphon Works. ( Probably this was Windmill Field now occupied by housing but the works building still stands. opposite)

In 1878 Mrs Baynton gave up the farm and St Lukes lost their pitch. not being able to rent another they could afford In 1879 they joined forces with with the Wolverhampton Wanderers cricket Club, and shared their ground on the Dudley road, .

The club, as the result became known as Wolverhampton Wanderers Cricket and Football Club.
In time the cricket section was dropped and the club was henceforth named Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

Below the old cellar head.