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A Letter written by E Lloyd Morgan Headmaster 1953.

Headmasters Notes 1953

Today we live in a world, were the air is fraught with change; old values have gone; old ideas and customs are in the melting pot, and new ones are challenging their places.

The people in the world, are for the most part, the instrument of state policy. Even in settled and victorious countries like our own, their is evidence in plenty, of restlessness and a desire to regain many lost freedoms.

This age presents a challenge to us as teachers, for never let it be forgotten, that it is upon the Teachers, that the main burden of building the new world will fall, for it is upon the education of the children the whole life of the community depends.

Nobody enters the teaching profession in order to gain riches . It is a calling which appeals most to those, who most desire to serve their generation .
Our task is an onerous one, but I am confident that the prevailing note of all of us is one of courage, rather than despondency and our response to the challenge of the age, will lead to success and victory.

A Teacher, who must of necessity, be always looking to the future, and who so seldom see the direct result of his labour’s, and for the most part never is rewarded by their recognition, needs faith above all qualities except perhaps the kindred quality of patience .
Magna est veritas et prevalebit. that is the motto inscribed in secret on the heart of every true member of the teaching profession; it is certainly the spirit of St Joseph’s

Below the old cellar head.