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Jan Rowley on Wolverhampton surrounding areas chat & nostalgia requests:
Any photos of houses at bottom end of Upper Villers Street? – There was a sweetshop on the corner & a factory behind. My dad’s family lived thereabouts but can’t recall the number.

Hi Jan
We need to be looking for photos from just above The old “Villiers Arms” and Fowler Street, I have the Rowley family, living at No.30, Upper Villiers Street. in the 1950’s.

This photo Looking from Drayton Street to Mason Street, would have interested your Dad, who probably attended Graisley School and may have recalled the large water tank that was placed on the Recreation ground in front of the school during the war.

Reservoir St Lukes

I shall have a look through my collection for further pictures of Villiers Street and perhaps other items of interest.

Below the old cellar head.