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Just love that picture Billy – exactly as it was in 1948. Yes it was under the bridge where we used to hang on & if you couldn’t get hold of the pole the other option was to ride hard behind in the bus’s slipstream, We knew it as Culwell Terrace. The house there was originally my Grandparents on my mother’s side and their name was Ellis. Grandad Ellis died before I was born and Grannie died during the war. She died the night Wolverhampton was hit by incendiaries most of which fell harmlessly in gardens. Remember going round collecting the flights off them the next day also there was a crashed german plane in Wednesfield as I remember it. The house passed on to my Uncle Frank & Aunt Vera. I am still in touch with their son John who now lives in the north of England. We did so much cycling as kids – it’s sad that today’s kids all get taken to school in cars.