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The memories come flooding back. I had forgotten that the Elephant & Castle pub was actually on the rhs of Cannock Rd coming up the hill. Yes the Frank Ellis yo remember was certainly my Uncle Frank, long since deceased. Frank & Vera had only 1 child, John, who spent time in Africa & visited my brother Derek in Harare a few years ago. Your description of the terraces also brings back memories not all of the pleasant! I remember visiting Granny when she was on her death bed & thinking how dark and gloomy the house was & yes I remember the cellar which was accessed via a steep staircase. During the war you had either an Anderson shelter which we had which was buried in the garden (I remember helping dad dig the hole for ours) or a Morrison which you installed under a strong table inside the house. Granny had a Morrison & I had a terrible feeling of claustrophobia on the one ocassion I was in it.