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An extract from the proposals the town planners had in mindin 1944.

As the most satisfactory method of relieving congestion in the central are, it is recommended that a central ring road be constructed, containing within its circumference the principal Civic and Administrative Centre the principal shopping and business areas and the majority of places of amusement.

The re-location of the Retail Market and the development of a Civic Centre in North Street and the Market area.

The development of the area between Wulfruna Street, St Peters Square and Stafford Street as an educational precinct.

The widening and conversion into a shopping street of St John’s Street. following the removal of industrial premises .

The scheme, if carried out on the lines suggested would form a dignified and spacious Civic Centre, providing modern and adequate accommodation for the efficient administration of the town (a matter of utmost urgency) . Such a scheme brought to fruition would not only be a proof to succeeding generations of the civic pride and sense of civic responsibility shown by the present generation but would also help to foster and maintain a similar pride and responsibility in the citizens of the future.

Below the old cellar head.