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Billy, I was surprised to find you had included the Henry Meadows Staff vs Works photograph from 1953. The notably individual was Jimmy Mullen of course who for years came to referee the game for nothing of course. The reason we won was our ringer, he was works manager, was Threllfall who had played for Bolton Wanderers and no I didn’t score. Before the game JM and Threllfall were talking together outside the penalty area and we were kicking in. A loose ball came toward JM and he hit it from around 30 yards with his left foot and the ball screamed into the net at grass top height all the way, and he just turned and carried on with his conversation. It was then I realised the reason why I would never have the necessary ability to be paid for playing the game although I did play until I was 60 here in the U.S. but that is another group of stories.
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Below the old cellar head.