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Keeping with memories of Oxley Street,here is an post I received awhile back from Norman a highly regard contributor to Lost Wolverhampton.

I was born 9th April 1929 at number 13 Oxley Street which went from North Road to Waterloo Road. My Grandma named Barrs ran a general shop at 33 Oxley St. until she was nearly 90.
This was next to the Unicorn Inn, an Ansells House.

I went to school at Red Cross Street Infants and then Junior and finished up at the Intermediate School in Old Hall Street.

I remember a Co-op shop on the corner of North Rd./Oxley St. but this previously belonged to the Hand family who lived in an adjoining house.

One of my schoolmates from Red Cross St. was Leslie Pritchard whose parents ran a second hand shop in Stafford Street, opposite Littles Lane (and Copes Motor Cycle shop).
I can still remember us careering down Littles Lane on a home made buggy! We certainly had plenty of local characters around the area, one who comes to mind was Harry Lomas whose house was actually in LOMAS St.

Harry used to go round selling fresh milk from churns on his milk float handcart and always had jokes and strange tales to relate.

Am enjoying the site immensely.

Below the old cellar head.