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Alan enquires about the line of the proposed railway across Old Fallings.

Hi billy whats that north western railway,,,,,a road or a track,,,,,,,

Billy :
I think Alan, it was a line that never came off.

It was started as the London & North Western Cannock Chase Branch Railway.

The 1860s saw the up and coming age of the Railway locomotive and there were numerous collieries in production all over Cannock Chase who were keen to adopt this new form of rapid transport for their products.

Plans were submitted to Parliament by the Cannock Chase and Wolverhampton Railway Company suggesting a railway from the north side of Chasewater to a junction with the Great Western Railway just to the north of Wolverhampton Low Level.
The only section of this railway that was built was the section now in use by Chasewater Railway which conjoined along the Reservoir’s south shore with the Midland Railway and the London & North Western Railway.

Below the old cellar head.