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John Favill our member from Winsconsin U S A. sends this most interesting and informative story.

As an added comment to my Meadows bit. I became and apprentice in March of 1948 and departed to a delayed National Service in May of 1956. Kenny Millman, who lives on Newbolds Avenue was the person that finally locked up Meadows premises after Jaguar had decided it’s end.
He appears on that Staff vs Works team photograph. John Drewett appears also and I believe he is in W-ton on a visit from Australia at the moment.

Might I suggest something. I thought of it reading my copy of the Distribution of Prizes and Certificates for the Technical College for 1951 and the Companies and Individuals are listed.

I remember your list of Pubs that have been lost.

Can I suggest a list of Companies that Wolverhampton have lost and ask for contributions. My brain ceased after listing 24 of them, even leaving out Goodyears.
The Jet Engine sequel was that Rover Cars also made Meteor Engines but they also owned the contract with Frank Whittle to produce parts for his Jet Engines. Whittle got incensed when he found Rover were designing their own version of a Jet Engine and he kept being promised by Rover for the parts, they were supposed to be making but wern’t.

One day Whittle met Ernest Hives and vented his feelings about tHe lack of support from Rover. Hives reaction was” We could make those for you.”. The result was Hives went to Rover and said they could make the Meteor Engines without the need for payment of Royalty to Rolls and take service and design responsibility for the Meteor Engines with one condition that Rover allow Rolls-Royce to take over the Whittle agreement.

The rest is a fascinating history and a picture of the man Ernest Hives was who at 15 years of age worked in a bicycle shop in Reading.

One day a man knocked at the door around closing time and asked for help as he was having problems with his automobile. The shop owner denied help but this 15 year old said he could help and went with the owner and indeed did the necessary to solve the problem with the car. The owner took the lad to see the lads mother and asked if she would allow him to employ the 15 year old as his mechanic at his premises in London.
The mother agreed the name of the owner of the automobile being Rolls who at the time sold Cars made by Royce. Later The Rolls-Royce company was formed and Ernest Hives became an employee eventually running the company.
Thank You for reading my story

Below the old cellar head.