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GWR Goods Yard 1953

There is an article in the Black Country Bugle this week 2nd July 2015, were a reader recalls the heady 1950’s and life around Herbert Street Goods Yard.

He posted the above picture and tells a story regarding the delivery of tomatoes from the Channel Islands. at that time.

I worked in the Wholesale Market as a young groundsman during the 1950’s and I recall some of the draymen on his Goods Yard photo, and remember them calling with their Scammel 3 wheeled Mechanical Horses on their deliveries to the market.

It was usually early afternoon when they would arrive from the goods yard and pull up alongside the various tomato pitches.

I recall the first Guernsey tomatoes coming to the markets around April, full over flavour and you knew spring was here.

Non of the thick skinned tasteless produce you get today specially packed for the supermarkets this produce had taste.

The tomatoes arrived on a daily basis, various quantities, packed in small 12ib wooden chips (small hand made boxes with handles) with coloured tissue paper in each box to denote the variation in quality Pink & White was the top quality down to Blue misshapen , all with a mouthwatering taste.

A few weeks later the Jersey tomatoes would arrive in a similar way.

And didn’t we appreciate it.

Below the old cellar head.