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You are absolutely correct with the date Tony.

The poor picture below shows it a little while later from another angle when its well into its demise.

New Hotel demise

I can recall my last visit to this once popular house ,it was about this tome 1964.

Banks’s at that time hoping to hang on to the licence of the New Hotel had built a temporary portable building on the waste ground here on the corner of Bell Street, once occupied by Don Everall.

I recall the evening of my last visit vividly.

My father and I had been to the Odeon across the road in Skinner Street to see William Holden in “The Wild Bunch” Dad loved a Western almost as much as having a pint.

After ten O’clock I noticed he kept looking at the time and at twenty past ten , he turned to me and said; Billy, If you don’t mind I’ve seen enough Mexicans shot. Can we go for a pint at the New Hotel.
Which we did.

Below the old cellar head.