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Interesting to see, in the second picture, as one building comes down, another rises in the background. Mander House is still under construction at this time as can be seen by the crane and scaffolding. We lost many of our old buildings for the construction of what I personally look on as an abhorrence on our landscape. As a shopping centre it’s just about acceptable but, a<span class=”entry”><span class=”entry-body”><span class=”runon-head”><span class=”runon-title” title=”Derived word”><span class=”w”>rchitecturally</span></span></span></span></span>, so much more could have been done to meld it into it’s surroundings more sympathetically. The loss of the Star and Garter in Victoria Street and Central Arcade was hard enough to take, but did it have to be replaced with acres of concrete? There are examples of what could have been achieved, with a little imagination, on the Penn Road and Tettenhall Road where the facades of blocks of terraced houses have been kept and new housing built onto the back, thus giving the appearence of well looked after old properties but with all modern facilities available to prospective buyers. All it takes is a little imagination!

OK! Rant over! How do others feel?