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Phillp Farmer, on the facebook group WSAC&N.writes – The building work on the old Vodafone shop on corner Dudley street/king st has uncovered the Dunn and co sign any idea how long they traded. How old the building is and previous tenants. The work has exposed the stained glass windows relating to Dunns.
I took the liberty to answer him.

Well Phillip
Dunn’s were “Hatters” They originated to my knowledge in Queen Street in the late 1800’s.

By the turn of the century they were here on the corner of St John’s Lane, in that tall slim majestic building that houses (The Photo Shop today).

Dudley Street 1946

For one reason or another, in the1950’s they moved across the road to the corner of King Street ( The phone shop today) Replacing Bywaters Pork shop.

As Shirleys photo shows they were still there in the late 1960’s when Montague Burtons replaced the Irish Linen Store on the opposite corner in King Street.

Below the old cellar head.