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We received this enquiry today from Ms Helen Springthorpe.

I am really pleased I came across your information on The Heath, I am researching The Travellers Rest Inn, Deans Heath Road, where my Grandad Bertie Springthorpe was born in 1901. His parents Edward and Rose ran this pub and I am desperately trying to find anyone who knew the area. He actually married in 1926 and moved to Sedgley, I am hoping to find a photograph or an idea of what the street was like, or when it was demolished. Can you help me please??

Hello Helen glad you found the story “On the Heath” interesting.

Now you mention, Deans Heath Road . I personally have never come across a street/road with that name.
Deans Road and Old Heath Road are still there today on route from Wednesfield Road to Willenhall Road.
I doubt though wether either contained a public house called the Travellers Rest.
It could be you are referring to The travellers Rest, Wolverhampton Road, Heath Town, just a few doors away from Woden Road..
Demolished in the late 1960’s with the Heath Town transformation.

Below the old cellar head.