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Received from new member Dontheturner
I was born in Walsall in 1930, and lived my school years, in Wolverhampton Road – my love of trolley buses, dates from birth! – so quiet, and comfortable – and cheap! my love of Wolves, dates also from that time, and my first job, was in Broad Street – at the BCN Top Lock, where I trained as a Toll Keeper.
My father was a Watchmaker, in business in Walsall whilst Mother was a Printer – Letterpress, and worked for the Walsall Observer newspaper.
My earliest and fondest memory- of my time, working in Wolverhampton was enjoying a roast dinner, at the Dining room, just in Piper’s Row!

Hello Don

Welcome to the forum 1930! you have a good chance of being our oldest active member .
Being born close by to Littles Lane in 1937 I spent many happy hours sitting on the air-raid shelters alongside the old Victoria Basin in the 1940’s

You must have many stories you could tell us about the Boatees that pursued their livleyhood at that time around Broad Street and Horseley Fields.
So please now you have me hooked dont end it here.


Below the old cellar head.