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Had this interesting enquiry today from
Katie Harper-Mason.

Hi billy,would you have any pictures of the old deanery row before it was demolished,my mother lived there briefly as a very small child.

Hello Katie

Deanery Row and similar streets around St Peter’s didn’t offer much interest to the photographic media much in the early days, being just a simple row of Eighteenth century terraced houses.
Fortunately we have Jim Dowdall of the Wolverhampton Photo Graphic Society to thank for at least a couple.
He was asked by the Corporation when at the time the houses around Charles Street was being demolished in the mid 1950’s., if he would like to go and take photographs of the area which I am pleased to say;he did .
And of course we have to thank David Clare and others for having the foresite to record the still on going changing times around the old Deanery from the last half a century.

I will be doing a post of this on the Howl at some point so keep looking.
In the mean time I will post the two pictures of Jim’s from the time before the clearance, on the forum.

Please join it.

Below the old cellar head.