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Part of Philip Barnands Most interesting comment.

I do not recall your wife’s name, though of course I was a pupil at Woden R’oad Infants and Junior school. I may have started a bit late, at the age of 5 in September 1944, because I had some catching-up to do, eventually becoming the youngest in my year. One of our class photos appeared in the Black Country Bugle.

I think Swinford Road had semi-detached houses? A sure sign of affluence! Does your wife remember the Blood family, whom I think lived in Stratton Street, maybe Prosser Street? They were a large family and Mrs Blood seemed to be permanently pregnant. I once embarrassed my mother in Bray’s Park Village butcher’s shop, when I asked her why Mrs Blood’s tummy was so big. I was told to keep quiet!

Below the old cellar head.